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Solar Engineering & Consultancy

Construction Design & Management

The changes to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) put a greater onus on Clients to address health and safety within their project. From our many years of experience in providing CDM consultancy services across all areas of the construction industry, we have developed a pragmatic approach which adds value to the project process rather than just being a tick box, paper producing exercise. This is reflected in the high level of repeat business that we achieve.

Forensic Engineering

Solar PV production is a highly complex technical matter on which millions of individuals and businesses rely. Solar PV System losses can have serious consequences, including extensive business interruption costs, equipment and product damage, and catastrophic infrastructure damage.
SolarTech-UK energy experts and engineers have in-depth knowledge of and experience in responding to failures involving Solar PV System and other components involved in solar energy production.

Grid Connection Service Applications

Whether you are planning a PV system on your building, a solar park or a greenfield storage project, you will need to follow the connections process. The earlier in the project development this is secured, the less risk surrounds the project: Many areas of the UK distribution network are congested which results in constrained exports (or imports) or substantial connection costs.
If you are looking for a tenant-developer, securing the grid connection early also can also give you more bargaining power to agree rents and reduces the risk that other sites nearby will block your prospective tenant’s plans.

Solar PV Design

A solar energy system is a good choice if you have plenty of suns and have a properly designed system. Building an effective, reliable, and safe solar power system requires several key components. The most important of these are careful design, good quality component equipment, and the correct installation procedures carried out by competent professionals.
SolarTech-UK has immense experience and expertise to achieve a variety of complex design considerations and variables. We can assist you from site and equipment selection, to design considerations.
We have worked on numerous utility-scale or solar farm solar projects. We have expertise in single axis, dual-axis, and fixed-tilt systems. We can provide all the E and L category drawings including 3-line diagrams, interconnection line diagrams, construction details, and 3D sketch-up models for presentation purposes.

Solar PV Feasibility Studies

Our team has helped many businesses measure, plan and implement their energy saving initiatives through our unique Solar Feasibility Study. We conduct a detailed study to determine the weakest areas in terms of energy efficiency and recommend products and technologies to reduce your energy usage as well as your carbon footprint.
We use complex variances, standard procedures and defined guidelines for carrying out our feasibility analysis. We also provide an array of viable options to ensure your investment meets the desired requirements perfectly. The clear and data-driven analysis ensures focused and timely investment and implementation of resources to enable the best return.

Solar PV Performance Simulations

Accurate solar energy models are essential for financial modelling. If a conservative PV system underestimates the generation, the project loses value. If an aggressive PV system overestimates, the project is overvalued, and you may have trouble servicing the debt. We have run thousands of performance models, as well as analysis on thousands of operational systems, so our modelling inputs are based on industry-accepted standards and backed by real-world data.

We use the latest PVsyst version– the most powerful software for photovoltaic systems, for the study, sizing, simulation, economics, and data analysis of complete PV systems.

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