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Image by Sungrow EMEA

Large-Scale Solar Parks

Solar Parks

The installation of solar parks can be a way to create a good return on investments, as it is one of the most cost-effective ways from low-grade to agricultural land.

SolarTech-UK can provide, the development; Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) service for developers and landowners that wish to install a solar park. From economic analysis studies up to the commission and much more, to ensure we provide the best and maximize the return of investments.

What is a Solar Park?

A solar park is a facility intended for the generation and sale of energy. A photovoltaic park is a large-scale solar energy installation, established on land and made up of a large number of interconnected solar panels. They require multiple inverters, a centralized control room, and high-voltage transformers to operate.

These solar parks, created with the purpose of capturing large amounts of sunlight and transforming it into electrical energy, can generate thousands of watts of electricity per second, supplying industries, urban complexes, cities or even selling their energy to electricity distribution networks.

Image by Sungrow EMEA

Some of Our Solar Park Projects

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