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Solar Panels Technicians

Testing & Commissioning

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Testing & Commissioning

Our commissioning work is fundamentally framed within the framework of the IEC 62446 standard. In such a way we guarantee that the requirements for the correct operation and performance of the installations that make up the PV plant are met. In addition to this reference standard, we work on quality inspections based on the IEC 61215 standard. All this is under the quality standard ISO 9001.

1. Testing:
-Continuity of protective earthing and/or equipotential bonding inspections
-Earthing resistance measurements
-Polarity Testing
-PV string open circuit/short circuit tests
-PV strings I-V curve
-Insulation Resistance Testing
-IR camera tests according to IEC 62446 for all strings and AC boxes, all bus bar connections, circuit breakers, and PV modules
-VLF Hi-POT MV Cable testing

2. Commissioning:
-Visual inspection of mechanical and electrical installations.
-Electrical verification and measurements in DC and AC systems.
-PV module power measurement and curves IV.
-Thermographic inspection of electrical connections and photovoltaic modules.
-Support in availability testing.
-Verification and calculation in Performance Ratio tests.
-Documentation for verification during Commissioning.
-Evaluation of production.
-Realization or supervision of the energization plan.
-Coordination and support to the different systems to successfully achieve the energisation of the equipment and the PV Plant.

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