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Fixing Electricity Lines

Operations & Maintenance

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Operations & Maintenance

O&M‘s tasks are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced personnel behind them, orienting us to the customer with maximum security so that his plant operates under the most demanding quality conditions. In addition, we have a monitoring team that monitors the performance of all plants operating, working 24 hours a day to anticipate any incident in the plant.

1. Preventative Operations and Maintenance

Our O&M packages are created with your specific facility needs in mind, to ensure that your system is always operating at peak efficiency and providing a maximum financial return.

-Preventative Plan Maintenance
-O&M Warranty Administration
-Accelerated field response
-IV curve tracing

2. Repairs and Inspections

-System Commissioning & Decommissioning
-Investigate and Recommend Solutions for Underperformance
-SCADA upgrades
-Inverter Troubleshooting
-Repair & Replacement
-Module Replacement

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