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Project Development

Solar Panel Farm8
Image by American Public Power Association

SolarTech-UK boasts a well-established record, along with an expanding array of extensive solar projects underway. Our cumulative portfolio exceeds 200MW of UK solar, harboring the potential to furnish 66,000 households with immaculate energy and saving upwards of 44,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Historically, solar parks in the UK have reaped the benefits of government subsidies. However, with the continual decline in the cost of solar panels and the rising levels of developmental proficiency and efficiencies, the necessity for solar subsidies has ceased.


The present beckons for the advancement of subsidy-free solar parks in the UK. This eco-friendly, sustainable method of electricity generation is pristine, noiseless, and enduring. Additionally, it represents the most straightforward form of renewable energy project to effectuate.

Investing in solar farms with SolarTech-UK provides access to the most profuse source of energy, employing natural sunlight to generate electricity throughout the day. We at SolarTech-UK hold the requisite skills, understanding, and experience to bring your renewable energy aspirations to fruition.

Should you possess available land and harbor interest in the prospect of generating enduring, inflation-adjusted income through solar energy, we welcome you to reach out to us via email at or by filling out one or our contact forms here :

Our Development Process


Land Evaluation

SolarTech-UK collaborates with landowners to appraise the land at hand for its appropriateness for solar development, paralleled by an analysis of prospective grid availability.


Strategic Planning

Having an option-to-lease agreement consolidated with the landowner, SolarTech-UK will conduct a comprehensive planning application for the mutually agreed-upon site.


Operational Asset Oversight

After construction, rigorous testing, and successful commissioning of the site, the solar park enters full operational status. SolarTech-UK’s specialized asset management team oversees all asset management responsibilities once the park is operational.


Grid Connection Application

Upon concurrence from the landowner, we proceed to apply for a non-committal grid connection on the specified land.


Initiation of Construction

Following the completion of planning and after confirming a grid connection, SolarTech-UK will commence the construction of the solar park

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn

Leasing out your land for a solar farm can yield substantial profits and contribute to environmental conservation

Landowners, farmers, and proprietors of grand residences with over 25 acres of land have the opportunity to earn a lucrative and sustained income by leasing their land to SolarTech-UK.

Anesco is earnestly looking for land to cultivate as a solar farm equipped with battery storage, offering up to £1000 per acre annually for solar energy projects and £1000 per Megawatt for battery storage projects (indexed linked). Additionally, we will provide premiums at different phases of the project’s development.

Moreover, stakeholders always have the alternative to acquire a portion of the net revenues produced by the site through full or partial ownership.

Solar is recognized as one of the premier sources of renewable energy globally, maintaining its popularity even after the withdrawal of government subsidies originally introduced to boost adoption.

Incorporating battery technology to capture and store the energy harvested by solar panels is crucial for moving towards a sustainable energy provision.

Contrasting other renewable technologies, solar and battery storage, having no moving parts, operates quietly and is relatively low and ground-mounted, can be conveniently concealed by fencing or hedgerows.

Another advantage of this ground-mounted solar and battery storage is its modular build, allowing for straightforward decommissioning after the lease term concludes.

By collaborating with SolarTech-UK, you can have confidence that each component of the site development is professionally handled, from securing successful planning applications to the design, construction, connection, optimization, and ongoing maintenance.

This comprehensive approach continues to establish SolarTech-UK as a preferred choice among our clientele

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