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Entrenamiento CPD

Cursos de CPD en línea pregrabados


Asista a cursos ricos en contenido pregrabado en línea desde cualquier lugar del mundo

Seminarios virtuales de CPD


Seminarios de CPD dirigidos por un instructor disponibles virtualmente en el Reino Unido e internacionalmente

Seminarios virtuales de CPD


Seminarios de CPD dirigidos por un instructor disponibles virtualmente en el Reino Unido e internacionalmente

Eventos CPD


Ahora puede mejorar sus conocimientos y habilidades asistiendo a los eventos CPD de SolarTech-UK

What are the Benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accredited Training?

Continuing professional development is a worldwide recognized accreditation for continuing education to maintain knowledge and skills. This form of learning allows professionals to improve their capabilities with the help of certified learning. CPD courses for professionals reflects current expectations as well as future ambitions. As your career develops, the knowledge and skills you require will also evolve. This is where CPD will come to your rescue and help you steer your career in the future.


Ensures standards across the company are high and consistent

Promotes greater workforce engagement

Enhance staff commitment to job roles

Allow the sharing of best practice

Maximise staff potential

Improve staff morale

Provide a useful benchmark for annual appraisals

Helps Advance Knowledge In Your Current Profession

Aids Career Progression and Development

Gives Access To Professionals and Experts Through Digital Platforms

Most professional institutions have CPD obligations, such as:


Why SolarTech Academy?

At SolarTech-UK, we take a learner-centric approach, tailoring our courses to meet the specific needs of professionals in the solar energy field. Our interactive learning modules, hands-on exercises, and assessments are designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. We continuously update our courses to reflect the latest industry trends and developments, guaranteeing that you receive the most up-to-date information.

Join SolarTech-UK's Online Certified courses or CPD accredited Live Webinars today and take your solar energy career to new heights. Invest in your professional development and be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. Together, we can create a sustainable and brighter future powered by solar energy.


Enroll now and unlock the potential of your professional career!

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Gilberto Nunez

Solar Energy 101 is a great online resource for anyone who wants to learn more about solar energy. The videos are well-produced and cover many topics and the instructor is an expert in this subject. I learned a lot just by watching the videos and I feel very confident about starting my own solar project.


Jeffrey Hughes

I have been a residential solar installer for about four years now and recently I started this online course. It has been great because it is so easy to navigate and the information is extensive. I find myself learning things every day that was not taught in my apprenticeship.


Alacantara Canosa 

As a recent graduate of this course, graduating with a degree in Solar power engineering I can say that the course is worth its weight in gold. The information is always up to date and the training lessons are always interesting


Chris Babin

I was amazed at how much I learned. The online modules were so easy to follow and all the information is concise, there is not a lot of extra content which can be distracting. It helped me prioritize my work tasks so I will be prepared and know what needs to be done



Berta Peck

The Health and Safety course was amazing and has given me great guidance on how to keep my workplace safe


Andre Summers

Apart from the general health and safety laws, as a solar engineer, I found this course to be very well-researched. The information provided is more than enough to get people started in Solar Engineering in terms of protecting oneself at work



I would like to say that even though I am not an engineer, I am really glad that I took this. The course helped me to dissect and visualize some of the terms and concepts that were not tangible to me prior to this course


Daron Mcknight

I have been looking for a solar energy course online and this is the only one I could find. I am very happy with my purchase because it is clear and concise, without any hard to understand jargon.

Some of Our Instructors


Professor S. Bobby Rauf, P.E, C.E.M, MBA; Member, American Society of Engineering Education

Professor Bobby Rauf has over 25 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate Engineering, Science, Math, Business Administration and MBA courses, seminars and workshops. Prof. Rauf is a registered (PE) Professional Engineer, in the State of North Carolina, a Certified Energy Manager and a certified ergonomist. Prof. Rauf was inducted as a “Legend in Energy” by AEE, in 2014. He is a published author of multiple engineering and energy books, and professional development courses. He holds a patent in process controls technology. Prof. Rauf develops and instructs continuing education and engineering skill-building courses. Some of his major clients include Texas A&M University, Saudi Aramco – KSA, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, McNeese University, Lamar University, Clemson University, Association of Energy Engineers, EPIC College - Canada; US Bureau of Reclamation, BHP Billiton, CED, and Y-F Asia. Prof. Rauf’s last full-time engineering employment, in the corporate world, was at PPG Industries, Inc. where he served as a Senior Staff Engineer. He brings to this program more than 25 years of hands-on experience in a broad spectrum of areas within large industrial plant engineering and plant maintenance departments, including electrical, controls, energy and mechanical projects. Professor Rauf has served as Adjunct Professor at Gardner-Webb University since 1989, where he has instructed classes in both the B.A. and M.B.A. programs.


Eng. Carlos Huerta, BSc

Eng. Carlos Huerta is an Electrical Engineer with good experience in the design of PV systems. His experience has been specially related to residential and commercial applications for grid-tied, off-grid, and battery backup configurations. Eng. Carlos has extensive knowledge and experience in using  PV simulation tools such as PVsyst, Helioscope, Aurora Solar, Solarius PV, Sighten, Solargraf, or PVWatts to make the proposals of the PV systems using the NEC & IEC code standards as reference for the development and implementation of solar PV designs. Eng. Carlos Huerta is very familiar with financial concepts associated with solar PV projects including FITs, net metering, PPA, and loans.  

Eng. Carlos Huerta has also experience doing Renewable Energy Planning analysis and Renewable Energy Policy analysis, taking into account Feed-in Tariff, Auctions, PTC, and the electricity market. His know-how in this field and  career are comprised as follows:

  • Solar PV Systems Design

  • Renewable Energy Market Studies (Including academic writing on Policy Schemes) 

  • Levelized Cost of Energy Studies

  • Electricity Market Studies 

  • Power Systems Analysis (including power flow, short-circuit, long-term planning, economic dispatch, etc) 

  • Design of Electrical Installations


Michaela Calufetti, Environment, Health and Safety Training, MIOSH, MIEMA

Ms Michela is an expert in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. In the last five years, she delivered various training to frontline teams and senior managers and helped them meet and exceed the required regulatory, corporate, and accreditation requirements related to Health & Safety, Quality & Environment.​​

She is a Technical Member of IOSH and an Associate Member of IEMA. She worked for the largest companies in the world including Twickenham Stadium and Wimbledon Tennis Club in the United Kingdom.


Dr Abubakar Sani Hassan, PhD, MIET, and MIEEE

Dr Abubakar Sani Hassan is an Electrical Engineer with research and industry-based experience in Electrical Energy Systems and optimization of distributed energy systems. He earned a BEng in Electrical Engineering from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. He went on to obtain a master's degree (Distinction) in Energy Systems Engineering from the University of Glamorgan (now University of South Wales, United Kingdom). During his MSc, he worked on his thesis in conjunction with the University of Glamorgan's Baglan hydrogen centre. The key theme of his MSc thesis is the modelling and simulation of a standalone solar-powered hydrogen production system. He has a PhD, and as part of his PhD research at the Institute of Energy, Cardiff School of Engineering Abubakar has worked as a research affiliate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA, for two months interfacing energy planning tools with low voltage network models. Dr Abubakar's projects have always involved several problem formulations and using optimization techniques to optimally find the best schedules for distributed energy resources based on the constraints (physical limitations) defining such systems.

Our Trusted Academy Clients

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