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Solar PV Feasibility Studies

Solar PV Feasibility Studies

Our procedure is divided into three major steps:

1. Understanding our customer
We start by finding the gap between your energy efficiency needs and the available resources. Based on the information we formulate possible project scenarios providing maximum benefit to the customers.

2. Understanding the financials
We further determine the financial implications associated with different scenarios such as capital and operating costs through life-cycle analysis which essentially includes operations cost, financial costs, depreciation, tax benefits, government incentives (if any) and capital cost to determine the project feasibility.

3. Choosing the best option
To choose the best option, we also study current market scenario, associated risks, current fuel and power costs situation in the country and any compliance requirement specific to your company. The outcomes from these previous steps are combined to develop the best available option. We consider one of the following financial appraisal methods such as Simple Payback Period (SPP), Life Cycle Costing, Internal Rate of Return and Discounted Cash Flow to evaluate the best option.


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