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Solar PV Installations, Maintenance, Testing & Commissioning

Solar PV Installations

Our experienced team of engineering, electrical, and contracting professionals work with utilities, onsite client representatives, and local skilled labour pools to plan, develop, and implement high-quality solar arrays.

Operation and Maintenance

SolarTech-UK offers competitive and customizable Operations and Maintenance (O&M) options and inspections to ensure that your renewable energy investment will operate at peak efficiency for decades. SolarTech-UK have the skills and expertise to maintain your solar energy investments.
Our O&M experience is extensive and encompasses a broad selection of services from routine preventative maintenance, to pro-active monitoring of system performance. Regardless of size or type, our team of O&M experts can develop a customized plan for your organization or offer one of our standardized plans to best suit your needs.

Testing & Commissioning

Our team is made up of qualified personnel with extensive experience in photovoltaic projects. An experience gained by working in different continents, with different technologies over the years. We have adapted to the evolution of the sector to continue providing a quality service.

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