Solar PV Modelling, Simulation & Analysis

PVSYST Simulations

Accurate solar energy models are essential for financial modeling. If a conservative PVsyst underestimates the generation, the project loses value. If an aggressive PVsyst overestimates, the project is overvalued and you may have trouble servicing the debt.  We have run thousands of performance models, as well as analysis on thousands of operational systems, so our modeling inputs are based on industry-accepted standards and backed by real-world data.

We use the PVsyst version 6 PREMIUM – the most powerful software for photovoltaïc systems, for the study, sizing, simulation, economics, and data analysis of complete PV systems.

We deliver:

  • PVSyst Solar project simulation report in pdf, and project file exported to PVSyst format.

  • Simple horizon and far shading simulation.

  • P50-P90 simulation and Additional 8760´s hourly file for financial analysis if requested. 

  • 5 or more Simulation Options that let you optimize and analyze the Solar Plant.

  • Loss diagram over the whole year.

  • Economic Solar Assessments for Lenders and Investors who want to certificate and evaluate the energy annual generation of the solar project.

We can evaluate any Solar Project in the world. The Layout on the report will be simulated roughly to obtain the near shadings loss results.
If the horizon file is not available, we can estimate obstacles distance and heights for the analysis of the far shadings.

If required by the Client we can deliver on-demand, an extended report for the Technical Due Diligence, during the purchase or financing of the Solar projects, as well as support the Client for the revision of existing PVSyst Reports from EPC Contractor or seller of the Solar projects. 

Simulation parameters can be adapted to the Client´s needs. 

We can deliver a Bankable Solar Assessment to certificate and evaluate energy annual generation of the Solar Project.

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