Solar Community Investment Solutions

Solar Community Energy Systems is about local people banding together to gain control of their energy supply. Solar Community energy projects can take many forms. For instance, in developing countries people have gained a financial stake in renewable energy through community energy investment, generating returns to spend on local energy projects via the community energy business model.

Solar Community Investment

With every project we build, we go beyond energy, investing in developing country communities such as Sub-Saharan African to build a lasting positive impact and social dividend. SOLARTECH-UK projects can last for over 20 years, making us long-term residents in the communities where we operate.

As well as creating employment opportunities, especially during construction, when you invest, you are also investing in initiatives that create a lasting social dividend in these communities. Our projects seek to improve local education, develop local enterprises, and protect the local environment.

These initiatives address skills gaps, create or revive sustainable livelihoods, and tackle pressing issues like soil degradation. With your investment, we will be there for you each and every year during our 20-year project lifecycles and assign a dedicated employee for this role. They work in and with the community to ensure we achieve your financial goals.

How it Works:


1. Choose an investment project

You will be investing your money in one of the African communities working with SOLARTECH-UK.  We would do the financial assessment for you to consider the return you are expected to receive, the time is taken for your money to be repaid, and the risk of investing in the solar community project.

As part of our on-boarding process, an in depth credit risk assessment is completed by our investments team. 

SOLARTECH-UK would cover the risk of any currency fluctuations. We have a small fund that can be used to offset up to 20% of any currency loss. This ensures a sustainable approach to covering risks for investors.

2. Build a sustainable future for African families

SOLARTECH-UK uses your investment to design, install, and commission the solar community project, which is sold to households and businesses in the target community of the project. The families & businesses make PAY AS YOU GO payments via SMS (cashless)  while the SOLARTECH-UK maintains the system and is able to switch it off remotely if payments are not made.   

3. Get your money back!

Every month, you will receive capital repayment from your chosen business. You can view these payments in your account. SOLARTECH-UK makes a repayment each month. You can ask for these funds to be repaid to you, or you can reinvest them in a new project. 

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