Solar Community Energy Systems

This service is an innovative way for local matching of demand and supply in the form of integrated community energy systems. We design and install approaches for supplying local communities with their energy requirement from solar energy technology coupled with an innovative energy storage solution, cashless payment, and energy efficiency demand-side measures.

Solar Community Energy Systems do not just bring reliable, clean electricity to communities, they transform lives.  Where there is no electricity or light, with our solution children can study at night, agriculture revives 24/7 during the whole year, businesses expand and buy new appliances, and new business ideas come to life.  Simply, reliable electricity is a foundational element for a community to lift itself up and achieve economic growth. 

We utilize a state-of-the-art proprietary payments collection platform to enable easy payment processing for customers through mobile phones. We can partner with any local mobile money providers in the world to enable cashless payments. This, coupled with our patented Off-Grid Intelligent Solar (OGIS) Device, enables a precise and up-to-the-minute level of monitoring and control.

Customers can manage their accounts from their mobile phones, consuming pre-paid power, and topping up as needed. SOLARTECH-UK can make extensive use of SMS messages, giving customers low balance warnings, messages about maintenance, and payment confirmations. Customers can check their balance in seconds and are notified if someone else makes a payment on their behalf.

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