We have highly qualified engineers to come up with marvellous engineering plans you will always fell in love with. Our engineers are always conscious as of how to come up with plans that will save you cost.

Solar Energy Solutions

A solar energy system is a good choice if you have plenty of sun and have a properly designed system.  Building an effective, reliable and safe solar power system requires a number of key components.

The most important of these are careful design, good quality component equipment and the correct installation procedures carried out by competent professionals. If these are done, then your off-grid or remote power system will last for long.

Community Energy Systems

This service is an innovative way for local matching of demand and supply in the form of integrated community energy systems. We design multiple approaches for supplying local communities with their energy requirement from high-efficiency cogeneration or tri-generation as well as from renewable energy technologies coupled with innovative energy storage solutions and energy efficiency demand-side measures.

Electrical Design

Our electrical engineering services include something else- ingenuity. Our innovative use of renewable energy can open windows to power reduction, resulting in substantial savings in utility bills:


-Power distribution system design and analysis


-Low voltage system design in buildings


-Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems design