Research and Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) efforts to meet national and international sustainability goals, policies, and initiatives to promote renewable energy and distributed generation.

SOLARTECH-UK is actively participating in R&D projects both domestically and internationally. We have developed some of the most promising technologies and products in the field of photovoltaic systems.

Among SOLARTECH-UK current researching lines, it is the development of new solutions, the development of urban mobility solutions (vehicles) based on photovoltaic technology, the development of solar systems for buildings and districts retrofitting for the optimization of the energetic balance and the commitment to third-generation renewable energy technologies.


In addition, we innovate on:


  • Development and design of technologies for smart energy management

  • Sustainable solutions adapted to the client and,

  • Flexible and efficient solutions aiming at the management of the energy generation plants and by end-users.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Internet of Things

  • Data Management

  • Advanced Sensor Development

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