Thermosyphon solar systems are among the oldest systems. They run 100% self-sufficient as neither a circulation pump nor control is required. Due to the principle of gravity, the warm water rises up into the storage tank and the cold water sinks into the collectors, where it is heated up again and the process is repeated.

The system is maintenance-free, no magnesium anode and expansion tank required!

Because the specialty of our systems compared to conventional thermosyphon systems lies in the memory. This is equipped with an internal stainless steel coil, the cold drinking water is heated in the continuous flow principle. This means that you receive hygienically perfect service water.

In addition, problems such as the mixing of the stratification are avoided, which has the advantage that the hot water can be tapped without temperature fluctuations. And limescale deposits do not play a role with this system, because the corrugated pipe is constantly in motion, the limescale simply flakes off and thus cannot permanently settle. This special system makes it arguably the most efficient in the world.

The system is supplied with all accessories and can be set up in 45 minutes. Connect cold and hot water and you're done!

In order to be able to operate the system in winter, the contents of the storage tank (buffer) must be filled with frost protection and the supply lines must be protected against frost.


As shown, the system is supplied as a kit including the flat roof elevation. In order to mount this system on tiled roofs, we can supply suitable roof hooks for an additional charge.

TSM Thermosyphon Solar System


    TSM 300

    Capacity (lt/day) 300
    Tank Working Pressure (bar) 0-3
    Heat Exchanger Working Pressure (bar) 2-5
    Maximum Temperature (°C) 95
    Insulation 50 mm/40 kg/m³ Polyurethane Insulation (CFC Free)
    Heat Exchanger AISI 316 L Stainless Steel
    Boiler Final Dimensions (Length/Diameter) (mm) 1725 / 540
    Outer Cylinder Materials Electrostatic Powder Painted ST 37 Steel
    Outer Sheet Painted Galvanized Steel Sheet
    Boiler Net Weight (kg) 82
    Dimensions (mm) 1988x1041x90
    Weight (kg) 37,2
    Gross Area (m²) 2,07
    Aperture Area (m²) 1,92
    Absorber Area (m²) 1,89
    Absorber Material Almeco-Tinox Highly Selective Aluminum
    Absortance/Emittance 0,95 / 0,04
    Welding Method Laser Welding
    Glass Material Low Iron Tempered Gess
    Insulation Material Rock Wool
    Base Sheeting Embossed-Finished Aluminum Sheet