The Solitank is a buffer storage tank with an integrated corrugated stainless steel pipe in which the drinking water is heated using the continuous flow principle without storing it. This allows the system to be expanded without any problems. In addition to conventional heating, another heat generator can be connected to the buffer, which heats the buffer memory and thus also heats your hot water at the same time. Other combinations and areas of application are also possible.


  • Hygienically perfect hot water
  • No legionella problems
  • Longer service life of the heat generator because the clock rate is reduced
  • Connect another heat generator
  • Hydraulic decoupling

Solitank Storage Tank- 300L

SKU: MA-0367
  • Technical Specifications

    Height (mm) 1770
    Diameter (mm) 542
    Net Weight (kg) 85
    Volume / Cubage (lt) 245
    Insulation 50 mm / 40 kg/m³
    Insulating Material Polyurethane (CFC Free)
    Outer Cylinder Materials Electrostatic Powder Painted ST 37 Steel
    Material of Coil AISI 316 L Stainless Steel
    Number of Coils 1
    Serpentine Area (m²) 3,83