Technical specifications


height 1770mm
diameter 542mm
Weight 85kg
insulation Poliuretan 50mm (fixed with sheet metal jacket)
Heat exchanger ANSI 316 L stainless steel
Number of heat exchangers 2nd
Heat exchanger surface 3.83 m² (hot water)
Heat exchanger surface 1.75m² (solar system)
Connection buffer side 4x 1 1/4 "
Sensor connections 3x 1/2 "
Warm/cold water 3/4 "
Heating cartridge 1 1/4 "





SKU: MA-0367
    • The Solikombi is a hygiene storage unit with an integrated stainless steel corrugated pipe in which the process water is
      heated in a continuous flow principle. A second heat exchanger is also available for connecting additional heat sources such as a solar system.

      The system can be used in almost all heating systems in a family home and has several advantages.
      In addition to the solar system, which requires a separate heat exchanger due to the anti-freeze, it is also possible to connect stoves directly to the buffer storage in order to use the heat generated for the hot water or for heating.  

      As can be seen in the picture, a solar station + bracket for the expansion vessel can be attached directly. This saves additional space.
      (Solar station and expansion tank with holder not included in the price, please inquire separately)


    • hygienically perfect hot water
    • no legionella problems
    • Longer service life of the heat generator because the cycle is reduced
    • connect another heat generator
    • hydraulic decoupling
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 VAT Registration Number: 356953067