Technical specifications:

Dimensions (mm) 1988 x 1218 x 90 (H x W x D)
Pek performance/module 1583 kWh at 25 ° C and 1000W (ISO 9806: 2013)
eta 0 0.69
Efficiency class A ++
casing Powder-coated aluminum black
Weight (kg) 44
Gross collector area (m²) 2.42
Aperature area (m²) 2.24
Absorber area (m²) 2.23
absorber Aluminum (Almeco-Tinox)
absorption 0.95
Emittance 0.04
Welding method laser 
Contents (L) 1.27
Absorber tubes 8mm riser / 18mm manifold
Number of absorber tubes 10th
Glass cover Low iron safety glass
Glass cover thickness 4mm
Insulation material Rock wool
Density/thickness 50 / 40mm
Stagnation temperature 223 ° C (20 ° C ambient temperature)
Max. Operating pressure 8.6 bar
Nominal flow 105 l / h
Back cover Textured aluminum
Mounting variant On-roof / in-roof / flat roof

Solar Thermal Flat Collector ALS 2512 (2.5sqm)

SKU: ALS2510
  • High-performance flat- plate collector that impresses with its high yield values and longevity.
    The collector consists of a laser-welded aluminum/copper harp absorber with a low-iron / prismatic glass cover.
    The housing made of a black powder-coated / seawater-proof aluminum with a total of 4 connections.

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