• Plate QTY (pcs): 6
  • Equal power (Watt): 1800
  • Size (W*L): 1.28m x 1.90m
  • Operation height: 1.18m
  • Area to catch sunshine: 2.3sqm
  • Reflection plate thick (mm): 0.70
  • Focal length (M): 0.75m
  • Angles: 30-90degree vertical rotation in all direction
  • Packing size: 0.70 x 0.70 x 0.13

Solar Cooker 6 pieces

  • 1.Use it only during sunny days or in cloudy days but with strong sunshine, the refection surface can not be shadowed.
    2. When start use it, firstly put the refection surface toward the sunshine direction, and then put the cooker, and then turn the handle to fine tune the angles to makes the focus on the cooker bottom.
    3. Ajust the cooker angle according to the sun angle change (normally around 15minutes each time)
    4. Cannot rub the reflection surface by hard objects, to avoid damage; use chamois towel to rub it softly or wash it with water. If you add detergent can remove the oil stain.
    5. The cooker bottom can be painted in black color by using smoke, this can increase the cook efficiency.