Product Code PowerTherm 
(PV-T Glazed)
Dimensions (mm) 870 x 1640 x 105
Gross Area (m²) 1,474
Aperture Area (m²) 1,427
Absorber Area (m²) 1,270
Weight (kg) 34,4
Liquid Content (l) 1,21
Absorber Panel Mono-Crystalline
Number of Cells 72
Cell Dimensions (mm) 125x125
WP (W) Nominal Power 180
Imp (A) Nominal Current 5,12
Isc (V) Short Circuit Current 5,55
Vmp (V) Nominal Current 35,15
Voc (V) Open Circuit Voltage 43,39
Heat Exchanger Copper
Internal Piping Copper
Test Pressure (bar) 13
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 6
Cover Glass Extra Low Iron Tempered Glass
Sealing EPDM & Silicone
Maximum Temperature 134°C
Base Sheeting Embosed-Finished Aluminum
Rear Side Aluminum
Product Warranty 10 years
Productivity Guaranty %90<10 years, %80<20 years
Temperature coefficient of Isc 0.06%/°C
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.34%/°C
Temperature coefficint of Pmax -0.45%/°C
Power Tolerance ±3%
Module electrical effiency 12.90%
N0 (Zero Loss Collector Efficiency) 0.486
a1 (first-order heat loss) 4.028
a2 (second order heat loss) 0.067
MC4 connector (brand/model) JMTHY / PV-JM601
WP (W) Thermal Power 680
Recommended flow rate (L/Hr) 65

PV-T Hybrid Panel Volther PowerTherm-180We/680Wth

SKU: MA-0014
    • Electricity and usable thermal hot water at the same time from one panel

    • Extra electricity production of at least 25% per year with cooled PV cells

    • More hot water with PowerTherm