Model No.                                                             P6-140  P6-150  P6-160


Maximum Power (Pmax)                                        140 Wp 150 Wp 160 Wp

Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp)                        17.4 V   17.5 V   17.7 V

Current at Maximum Power (Impp)                         8.05 A   8.63 A   9.04 A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)                                       22.4 V   22.4 V   22.6 V

Short Circuit Current (Isc)                                        8.59 A   9.05 A   9.52 A

Power Tolerance (Positive)                                      + 3 %     + 3 %     + 3 %


Thermal Ratings              

Operating Temperature Range                                   -45~80 °C

Temperature Coefficient of Pmax                             -0.45 %/°C

Temperature Coefficient of Voc                                 -0.33 %/°C

Temperature Coefficient of Isc                                   0.06 %/°C


Maximum Ratings         


Maximum System Voltage                                           700 V

Series Fuse Rating                                                       10 A


Material Data   


Panel Dimension (H/W/D)                                            1480x670x35 mm

Weight                                                                         11 kg

Cell Type                                                                      Polycrystalline

Cell Size                                                                      156×156 mm

Cell Number                                                                36

Glass Type                                                                   Tempered

Glass Thickness                                                           3.2 mm

Encapsulant Type                                                         EVA

Frame Type                                                                  Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Junction Box Protection Class                                      IP 65

Connector Type                                                            MC4

Polycristalline Silicon Module-P6-140/150/160

SKU: P6-140/150/160
    • Widely using the most popular and mature type of modules for an off-grid system.
    • Leading manufacturing technology in the PV industry, strictly controlling the quality of raw materials and the process of producing
    • 100% EL inspection, ensures modules are defects free.
    • Cells binned by current to improve module performance
    • Anti-reflective glass. Not only to increase the light absorption but also to make the module has the function of self-cleaning in a wet environment, effectively reducing the power loss caused by dust.
    • Outstanding performance in low-light irradiance environments.
    • Excellent mechanical load resistance:
    1. Certified to withstand high wind loads(2400pa) and snow loads(2400pa).
    2. High salt and ammonia resistance
    3. Positive power tolerance:0-+5w
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