We have developed an innovative PV mounting system for tiled roofs with our years of experience in the PV business. Our roof hooks also provide a permanently firm hold for your solar system and foundation for successful PV mounting on roofs with tile roofing. The mounting system complies with the international IEC-61215 standard. 

8 x Modules Set Tiled Roof PV Mounting System

  • The set consists of the following components:

    • 8x 03-000007 module anti-slip set M8
    • 2x 03-000012 earthing connector SW18 set
    • 14x 03-000254 roof hook set ZD 30 M12
    • 12x 03-000275 middle clamp 34-42 set C
    • 8x 03-000277 end clamp 34-42 set C
    • 14x 03-000281 fastening screw roof hook 8x100
    • 14x 03-000282 fastening screw roof hook 8x140
    • 3x 03-000291 C-rail 47-2 6.12m
    • 1x 03-000001 rail connector set C47