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Grid Connection Service Applications

Grid Connection Service Applications

For building operators, import/export limits can be a key design factor, and we advise that determining grid constraints is an important part of feasibility studies. Since the connection process can take time, it is best started prior or parallel to your tender process; this also ensures a fair playing field. Many installers offer to provide this service “free”; allowing a favorite to take control too early may cause commercial issues should you appoint another.
We also provide this service to installers and EPC's as part of our construction design packages, to ensure that their proposals are accurate, practical and appropriate for their clients’ needs.

We Serve Connection Services:

-Grid connection applications
-(ER G99)
-DNO liaison
-Control scheme design
-Electrical Schematics (SLDs)
-Location plans
-Capped export scheme design & modelling
-Regional capacity research
-Reactive power impact assessments (generator PF settings)
-ICP liaison


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