Engineering & Consulting Services

Timely delivery, Quality & Optimum cost-effective designs are pillars of success to any Engineering projects and we are bound to perform the same. With the rich experienced &  dynamic team of Engineers & Designers, we together can make your project successful.

Engineering & Consulting

Electrical Design

  • Single Line Diagram

  • Control Schematic

  • Cable Routing Layout (Trench, Tray Etc.)

  • Lighting Layout

  • Earthing & Lightning Protection Layout

  • Hazardous Area Classification

  • Substation Layout

  • Switchyard

  • Public Address & Fire Alarm System

  • Solar Plant Design

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Design Basis

  • Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Load List

  • Equipment Datasheet

  • Material Take-off

  • Material Requisition

  • Technical Bid Evaluation

  • Method of Statements

  • Schedule of Rates

  • Vendor Drawing Review

Power System Studies

  • Load Flow

  • Short Circuit

  • Motor Startup (Static & Dynamic)

  • Relay Coordination

  • Arc Flash

  • Harmonics

  • Transient Stability

Instrumentation, and Control

  • Instrumentation Design Basis

  • Technical Specifications

  • Instrument Datasheet

  • Instrumentation Index

  • I/O List

  • Cable Schedule

  • Cable block diagram

  • JB Schedule / Interconnection diagram

  • Loop Schematics

  • Loop drawing

  • Logic diagram

  • Cause & Effect Diagram

  • F&G Layout

  • Instrument hook up diagram / Installation details

  • Instrument location layout

  • Instrument tray routing layout

  • Control Room layout

  • Material Take-off

  • Technical Bid Evaluation

  • Vendor Drawing review

  • PLC's

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Level Gauge

  • Temperature Gauge

  • Temperature Element - Thermocouple / RTD Thermowell

  • Pressure, DP Flow, DP Level, Radar Level Transmitter

  • Flow Element - Orifice, Coriolis flow meter, Mag flow meter

  • Control Valve

  • On-off Valve

  • Relief Valve

  • Instrument Cable

  • FO Cable

  • Junction Box

  • Tubing

  • Instrument tray

Energy Management & Building Energy Performance Analysis

Managing and developing building energy models such as energy-saving measures analysis, HVAC systems design, load calculations, and building energy management systems. Our range of building modeling services offered are, but not limited to:


  • Climate analysis,

  • Shoebox design,

  • Natural ventilation studies,

  • Daylighting enhanced design,

  • Building loads reduction,

  • Human comfort calculation,

  • Contaminant evacuation studies, and

  • CFD and structural analysis.

We also investigate and quantify energy savings potential in:

  • Lighting systems

  • HVAC Systems and Controls

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Renewable Energy Applications

  • Electric Motors and Drives

  • Process Systems

  • Steam Systems

  • Heat Recovery

  • Building Envelope Upgrades

  • Switching Utility Providers or Utility Rates

In the Energy Management Service:

1. Analyze: We collect data and review the current systems and consumption habits of the building. The information is used to study energy efficiency measures and financial savings through building energy modeling techniques. A technical report is then submitted to the client free of charge.

2. Implement: We design, install and commission upgrades while overseeing energy management and staff training throughout the asset, free of charge. We aim to install low carbon technology solutions, energy management equipment, or efficient control systems

3. Manage: We manage and monitor building energy and systems in order to ensure performance and savings figures are meeting targets. We can ensure 20 to 40 % of energy savings every year. We only make profits when you save energy and reduce the cost of your bills

MEP-Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Desing

We have more than 10 years of MEP - Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Drawings experience. We offer full-service MEP engineering/ MEP CAD design and construction observation for new and renovation projects. We have extensive expertise in commercial, governmental, educational, hospitality, and industrial facilities. We produce your drawing using the latest version of AutoCAD and Revit.

  • HVAC layout design and detailing

  • Duct workshop/coordination drawings

  • Mechanical layout design and detailing

  • Electrical layout design and detailing

  • Plumbing layout design and detailing

  • Piping & plumbing shop/coordination drawings


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