Solar Energy- Photovoltaic Systems (Advanced)

Learn how to design solar photovoltaic systems, climate, operation, performance, and economics.

Solar Energy- Photovoltaic Systems (Advanced)

Who is it for?


  • Design Engineers

  • Architects

  • Technicians and Professional Individuals intending to learn how to Design, Simulate, and understand the Economic Viability of Solar Photovoltaic Systems



  • Estimate the effects of the position of the sun and solar irradiance on PV module performance

  • Understand the design and function of the different components of a PV-system: PV modules, inverters, DC-DC converters, batteries, charge controllers, and cables.

  • Design a PV-system, ranging from a residential rooftop system to a utility-scale solar farm

  • Understand the economics of PV-systems

Course Content 

In this course, you will learn how to turn solar cells into full modules; and how to apply full modules to full photovoltaic systems. The course will cover the design of photovoltaic systems, such as utility-scale solar farms or residential scale systems (on/off the grid).  You will learn about the function and operation of various components including inverters, batteries, DC-DC converters, and the grid. After learning about the components, you will gain an understanding of the main design decisions to be taken when planning a real PV installation with excellent performance, reliability, and economic viability

​Finally, you will practice modeling the performance of a PV system for different solar energy applications, and estimate the energy production of a client's potential system.

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