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Renewable Energy Hot Topics

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This course caters to Engineers, Technicians, Facilities Managers, Energy Professionals, Architects, and others who are interested in enhancing their understanding of renewable energy and would like to learn about methods, best practices, and strategies for the selection of the most suitable renewable energy alternative, with technical, geographic and financial feasibility in mind. Introduction to a few important fundamentals of energy and the “grid” sets the tone for a better comparison of the current source of energy with optimal renewable energy alternatives. The importance of the concept of the most direct application of renewable sources to the final energy demand point is highlighted. After the introduction, this course dives into some of the more proven and mainstream renewable energy topics. Current footprint and relative cost differences between some of the major renewable energy systems are examined. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats pertaining to some of the mainstream renewable energy solutions are discussed. Some of the cutting-edge, yet unproven, renewable energy systems are introduced.

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