Solar Energy, Energy Management and Professional Training

SOLARTECH -UK Ltd. is a  company which provides professional engineering and consulting services. In addition, we specialize in a distributed generation through solar energy sources, energy management and efficiency, electrification, self-generation, and integration of renewable energy technology in buildings.

Solar Energy Solutions

Solar PV Design and Drafting

A solar energy system is a good choice if you have plenty of suns and have a properly designed system.  Building an effective, reliable and safe solar power system requires a number of key components. The most important of these are careful design, good quality component equipment, and the correct installation procedures carried out by competent professionals. If these are done, then your off-grid or remote power system will last for long.
Designing a PV power plant has unique opportunities, challenges, and risks. As an installer/owner, it is wise to maximize the value of the investment.

SOLARTECH-UK has immense experience and expertise to achieve a variety of complex design considerations and variables. We can assist you from site and equipment selection, to design considerations.

We have worked on numerous utility-scale or solar farm solar projects. We have expertise in a single axis, dual-axis, and fixed-tilt systems. We can provide all the E and L category drawings including 3 line diagrams, interconnection line diagram, construction details, and 3D sketch-up models for presentation purposes.

In the Design Phase we provide the following services:

-Electrical engineering design
-Related structural engineering design
-Soil erosion plan & Details
-Fence Plan & Details
-Phasing plan
-Site plan for the proposed PV system
-PV module structural mounting details
-PV system block diagrams
-Electrical connection details

PVSYST Simulations

We use the PVsyst version 6 PREMIUM – the most powerful software for photovoltaic systems, for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems.

Solar Community Energy Systems Design Solutions

This design service is an innovative way for local matching of demand and supply in the form of integrated solar community energy systems. We design multiple approaches for supplying local communities with solar community energy technologies coupled with innovative energy storage solutions, and energy efficiency demand-side measures:

-Distributed Generation through solar energy systems
-ON-Grid (Micro plants with renewable energies connected to the grid)
-OFF-Grid (Autonomous micro plants with Solar PV)


Energy Management Solutions


SOLARTECH-UK deploys the latest technologies and engineering to deliver comprehensive energy solutions that improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon impact and saves money.  We do all of this using an innovative paid-from-savings model.

Energy performance contracts allow upgrades to be fully paid for by the savings created by the enhancements. In doing this we reduce the energy expenses of the building, enhance the quality of the air, environment as well as improve the overall value of the asset with no capital expense for the customer.

Building Modelling

In addition, we manage and develop building energy models such us energy-saving measures analysis, HVAC systems design, load calculations, and building energy management systems.
Our range of building modeling services offered are, but not limited to: climate analysis, shoebox design, natural ventilation studies, daylighting enhanced design, building loads reduction, human comfort calculation, contaminant evacuation studies, CFD and structural analysis.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses


  • Since our inception, SOLARTECH-UK is totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.


  • SOLARTECH-UK is an international leader offering high quality, cost-effective training, and consultancy services to individuals and organizations across all industries.


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"A benefit is a relationship that we built with the consultant. It is not  simply a case of working with us for a fixed period and then cutting ties, we  maintain the relationship"



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At SOLARTECH-UK, we are committed to helping our clients create a positive knowledge-culture within their organizations and to progress their professional development. We offer a wide choice of flexible learning solutions to fit our clients’ specific needs from courses at locations UK-wide and internationally, innovative learning to tailored in-company training programs.


  • Experience at Our Fingertips


Unlike most of our competitors, all of our course materials are developed in-house by our talented team of learning designers and multimedia developers. This means that you can be assured everything SOLARTECH-UK puts its name to is both consistently excellent quality and representative of the latest regulatory and legislative developments in this ever-changing market.



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