Consultancy and Engineering

SOLARTECH -UK Ltd. is a  company which provides professional engineering design and consulting services for clients which manage, maintain and plans for residential and commercial type buildings.


Our focus is on the private and public sector market in communities, urban and rural areas. 



In addition, we specialize in a distributed generation through renewable energy sources, energy management and efficiency, rural electrification, self-generation, integration of renewables in buildings, and sustainable architecture.


The company is 'project' orientated and each project will involve:


  • Development Projects:

    • Apartments

    • Shopping Centres

    • Office Blocks

    • Farms

  • Housing Complexes


  • Solar Energy: This service offers customers the information required to make sensible decisions regarding the use of renewable energy sources


  • Detailed Electrical Engineering Drawings:

    • Basic design

    • Electrical power distribution lines


  • Community Energy Systems:

    • Innovative ways for local matching of demand and supply in the form of integrated community energy systems

    • Design of multiple approaches for supplying local communities with their energy requirement from high-efficiency co-generation or tri-generation

    • Renewable energy technologies coupled with innovative energy storage solutions and energy efficiency demand-side measures 



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses


  • Since our inception, SOLARTECH-UK is totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.


  • SOLARTECH-UK is an international leader offering high quality, cost-effective training, and consultancy services to individuals and organizations across all industries.


  • We put the needs of our clients first by providing straightforward advice and tailored learning programmes combined with excellent customer service.


"A benefit is a relationship that we built with the consultant. It is not  simply a case of working with us for a fixed period and then cutting ties, we  maintain the relationship"



  • Why Choose SOLARTECH-UK?

​ ​

At SOLARTECH-UK, we are committed to helping our clients create a positive knowledge-culture within their organizations and to progress their professional development. We offer a wide choice of flexible learning solutions to fit our clients’ specific needs from courses at locations UK-wide and internationally, innovative learning to tailored in-company training programmes.


  • Experience at Our Fingertips


Unlike most of our competitors, all of our course materials are developed in-house by our talented team of learning designers and multimedia developers. This means that you can be assured everything SOLARTECH-UK puts its name to is both of consistently excellent quality and representative of the latest regulatory and legislative developments in this ever-changing market.



  • What Makes us Different?


Our organization is built on solid foundations that merit- Quality, Value, Service, Innovation